Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cartoon #276: “Mel Gibson”

Title: Mel Gibson; Text: (Man watching TV showing breaking news. TV audio says:) Mel Gibson announced today he is handing over power to Raul Castro.
Mel Gibson was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving early Friday, July 28, 2006. He asked the arresting officer if he was Jewish, then antisemitically blamed the “F---ing Jews” for starting all the wars in history. Gibson, who directed the controversial movie “Passion of the Christ” apologized the next day. That statement was followed on Monday by news that he had checked into an alcohol rehabitation center. Critics soon pointed out that Gibson had not apologized to Jews specifically. Gibson did that Tuesday. By then, however, ABC announced it was stopping development of a miniseries in partnership with Gibson about the Holocaust. Gibson, whose father is a Holocaust denier, is a member of a Catholic fringe sect that believes all Jews will burn in hell.

While Gibson’s power was self-destructing in the entertainment industry, news broke on July 31, 2006, that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro was having intestinal surgery and had turned over power to his brother Raul temporarily. Spontaneous street celebrations broke out among the Cuban exile communities of Miami, along with rumors that Castro was dead. Consider the comic possibilities of having Raul take over for Gibson as well.