Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Cartoon #64: “Deep Throat”

Title: Deep Throat; Text: Deep Throat shown addressing Univ. of Texas conference on Woodward-Bernstein papers

I had to get this one up. I did it in April 2003 when the Woodward-Bernstein papers were donated to the University of Texas.

I am withholding judgement on the Mark Felt ID until Bernstein joins Woodard in confirming it. I've long thought Deep Throat was Adm. Bobby Ray Inman, now interim dean of the LBJ School of Public Affairs.

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  1. Okay, Bernstein is going along with the story. But Jonn Dean has raised some legitimate questions. John O'Connor was asked by Ted Koppel last night how Felt gained access to Woodward's newspaper to encode their meeting times. O'Connor's answer was that Felt did not remember. Not good enough. There are other questions that need to be answered.