Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cartoon #127: “Sovereignty”

Title: Sovereignty; Text: (Two Iraqis quoting a passage from the Declaration of Independence, with two US soldiers talking about them.)Soldier 1: Are you listening to that anti-Bush, anti-American nonsense? Soldier 2: They're reciting the Declaration of Independence.

On the first anniversary of sovereignty, the Iraqi government had seven weeks to draft a constitution, with an optional six month extention.

Polls of U.S. citizens showed a majority see the U.S. occupation as a misadventure that is going badly, and a majority think we were lied to about the reasons for the war.

President Bush will try to dispel those concerns with a primetime speech. The anniversary of Iraqi sovereignty will always fall less than a week before the fourth of July. Happy Independence Day.

I may have more to say about this later.

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