Monday, July 25, 2005

Cartoon #199: “Lance Armstrong”

Title: Lance Armstrong; Text: (Yellow 'Livestrong' wristband twisted into helix symbol for infinity)

Texan Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France for the seventh year in a row, and secured his sports superhero status. July 24, 2005 began the post-Armstrong era of bicycle racing, and the long wait for his record to be bested, if ever. To signify Armstrong’s accomplishment, the millions who own one of his yellow “Livestrong” wristbands could twist it into a helix, the symbol for infinity.

It has been noted that were it not for Lance Armstrong, Jan Ulrich, Germany’s cycling phenom, would now have five consecutive Tour de France victories. Armstrong gave Ulrich a tip for winning the top spot. No, he didn’t suggest performance enhancing drugs. Noting that Ulrich gets better in the latter stages, Armstrong suggested that he show up in better shape at the beginning of the race. Duh.

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