Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cartoon #215: “Harriet Miers”

Title: Harriet Miers; Text: (Bush in two panels) 1. If they don't put Harriet on the Supreme Court, I have my next close friend all picked out. 2. (Bush holding Barney the dog.)

Last week President Bush made his second nomination to the Supreme Court, after the successful confirmation of his first appointment, Chief Justice John Roberts. Bush’s choice to replace Sandra Day O’Connor was his friend and legal counsel, Harriet Ellan Miers. Democrats accused Bush of cronyism, and Bush’s conservative base accused him of betraying them by not choosing a known, right-wing ideologue. Former failed Supreme Court nominee, right-wing ideologue Robert Bork stated publicly that Bush’s choice failed on every level.

As the Miers fiasco continues, I will hopefully have time to give my own insights into this nomination. The key to understanding it is Miers partnership at the Texas law firm of Locke Liddell & Sapp — formerly Locke Purnell Rain & Harrell with deep-rooted ties to the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. Yes... the U.S. is still locked into the unfinished business of Nixon vs. Kennedy.

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