Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cartoon #255: “PISD Dress Code”

Title: PISD Dress Code; Text: (School board trustee in clown costume says) We want a dress code that reflects our values.
This is another local cartoon. What happens in Pflugerville stays not in Pflugerville.

An article in the Metro section of the April 26, 2006 Austin American-Statesman detailed the 6-1 vote by the Pflugerville School Board trustees to allow stricter dress code policies if individual schools desired them.

The trustees had voted down strict dress codes a month earlier. With this second vote, they caved in to totalitarian voices calling for less freedom for public school parents. School leaders who make allowances in favor of repressive dress codes are clowns, and should dress accordingly.

The editorial accompanying this cartoon in the May 4th Pflugerville Pflag, which favors a universal, strict dress code, creatively spun the second vote as having unfortunately caused the death of a system-wide, strict dress code for the 2006-2007 school year, but leaving hope alive for the possibility of such a dress code next year.

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