Monday, June 12, 2006

Cartoon #265: “Unemployment”

Title: Unemployment; Text: (Shopper and checker in grocery store) Shopper: 'My Katrina unemployment benefits just ran out.' Checker: 'My Albertson's unemployment benefits just started.'
Almost a year has passed since Hurricane Katrina, and displaced families are still struggling.

Last Sunday, their unemployment benefits ran out. About 29,000 workers
in Texas got Disaster Unemployment Assistance benefits. Nationally, about 83,000 were cut off. Now it can be said that they are on the “Bush Jobs Program”: pray you’ll find a job soon.

In another story, Albertson’s grocery store chain is closing 10 Central Texas stores. With its purchase by a group of investment firms completed June 2, the
newly formed Albertson’s LLC announced Tuesday it would close 30 stores
described as “under-performing” in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma,
including 10 in Central Texas.

Then there are those with really bad luck — Katrina evacuees who had jobs at Albertson’s.

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