Monday, June 26, 2006

Cartoon #270: “Campaign ’06”

Title: Campaign '06; Text: (Carole Strayhorn, Rick Perry, Kinky Friedman, and Chris Bell standing under heading:) Campaing '06-Keeping Austin Weird
Good fortune is smiling on Texas cartoonists. As of last week’s certification by the Texas Secretary of State of voter signatures submitted by two independent candidates, the race for Texas governor officially became a wacky five-person contest between Rick Perry, the Republican incumbent with poor poll ratings but strong party support; Carole Keeton (McClellan, Rylander) Strayhorn (aka “Grandma”), the Republican state comptroller challenging Perry as an independent bypassing the Republican primary; Kinky Friedman, a cigar-chomping, popular fiction writer and country music singer, also running as an independent; Chris Bell, the Democratic Party candidate, facing the difficult task of winning in a strong Republican state; and James Werner (not shown in this cartoon), the Libertarian Party candidate, who has the least chance of garnering “free” media coverage that the other candidates are getting in abundance.

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